The Vehicle Graphic Process

Vehicle wraps, Bus wraps and Fleet wraps are comprised of 3 phases. The first is the design and layout phase. The second is the production phase and finally installation. There may even be a preliminary phase which is the removal of existing graphics.


Design is the critical part of the vehicle wrap process. Communication is essential to ensure your vehicle wrap is laid out properly per your requirements. A complete understanding of the overall project is a must. The design must be done taking into account that the images used need to be high resolution. File types must be adhered to per our specifications and the wrap design must be properly scaled to the vehicle. We encourage our clients to focus on the purpose of the vehicle wrap. We have found that simple but deliberate design works best. The vehicle is a moving billboard advertisement, so the message on the vehicle wrap must be instantly understood. The audience only has 3 seconds or so to get the message.


Production follows design. When everything in the design phase is done properly and all the specifications are followed in detail, production goes smoothly. This part of the project is where most companies try to cut corners in order to reduce the overall cost. Our quality control policy mandates that our production department print a 50” wide proof on the material to be used. Also, a full size cropped area of the vehicle wrap graphics is printed for our files so if down the road something needs to be reprinted we can match the swatch.

For vehicles, we need your vehicle for one or two days depending on the size of the wrap or graphic. We will do our best to accommodate your schedule. For other graphics, such as signs or banners, we will establish a time that works well for everyone’s schedule.


Installation is last but definitely not least. An indoor location and properly trained installer is crucial. We have Avery and 3M Certified Installers on staff as well as a network of certified installers across North America. If we don’t have an installer within an hour or so from your location, they can travel to you to complete the job. An additional trip charge may apply.