From time to time, you may find that small areas of your graphics will require attention. Although Go Graphix uses the best materials with the finest professional installation, in order to enjoy years of use it’s important that you properly care for your graphics using the following tips.

  • Always test any cleaning solution on a small, well hidden section of the vinyl graphic before applying to highly visible areas.
  • Wash applied vinyl graphics with a blend of mild car wash detergent and clean water.
  • If a spray car wash (avoid “Touch-less” spray card washes) is the only option, we recommend use of one where the operator can control the pressure of the spray hitting the vehicle. Be cautious of areas around door handles moldings, mirrors and glass.  Use a sponge or rag to soap and clean the panels. Be extra gentle with window graphics, especially perforated vinyl film.
  • Once you’ve washed the vehicle with a soapy water blend, rinse with clean water.
  • Either let the vehicle air dry or dry off with a micro fiber cloth. Once dry, for added protection, you may apply a silicone or Teflon based polish designed for vinyl vehicle graphics. (Read and follow product manufactures directions and suggestions for frequency.)
  • For snow removal, only use a brush.  Never use a scraper as this could damage the film.
  • If you see the film lifting or pealing back, please contact us for proper professional care. If you do not contact us it may prevent us from fixing the problem and void your warranty.
  • Do not apply carnauba-based wax over vinyl graphics.
  • Avoid rolling down windows that have graphics or lettering installed on them.


Pressure Washing:

Pressure washing should only be used when all other cleaning methods have been exhausted. Keep the following in mind while performing this type of cleaning:

  • Pressure washing can cause the vinyl graphics to lift around the edges and peel away from the vehicle if too much pressure is used.
  • Over time, pressure washing can degrade the face film causing the graphic to lose its luster, fade, crack and even chip away from the substrate.
  • If you insist on pressure washing, use extreme care when aiming the water spray toward the edge of the vinyl graphic. Sharp spray angles can cause vinyl graphic to lift. However, be cautioned that evidence of pressure-washing will null and void your limited warranty.
  • Absolutely under no circumstances should a turbo pressure nozzle be used when pressure washing applied vehicle graphics


Removal of Pollutants & Debris:

The following steps may be taken when normal cleaning procedures don’t work to remove difficult debris from your applied vehicle graphics:

  • Spot clean the area with Isopropyl Alcohol and a micro fiber rag.
  • Moisten a rag with a citrus based cleaner and naphtha and wipe down the problem areas.
  • Immediately after using the citrus cleaner and naphtha, rinse the area with water and soap.
  • Bring your vehicle to Go Graphix.  We’ll take a look at your trouble spots and determine what can be done to get your graphics looking great once again.

Perforated Window Graphics:

NOTE:  It is relatively inexpensive to replace window graphics. Never compromise safety. Always ensure maximum visibility.

  • Avoid using the rear windshield wiper and only use when absolutely necessary, as it will scratch the laminate over time and reduce visibility. It is best to clean any grime and sediment from your rear window with a wet squeegee to avoid scratching.
  • Avoid using your rear defroster, use only when absolutely necessary as it can potentially reduce the lifespan of the see through perforated window film.
  • Avoid frequent rolling of windows with graphics in order to avoid scratching.
  • Do not use an ice scraper on any window that is covered with vinyl specially perforated window film as it could scratch and damage the graphics.

Keep in mind that these are simple guidelines for extending the life of your window graphics.  In matters of safety, common sense should always prevail to ensure maximum visibility at all times.

Please note that any vinyl applied to the windows is only warranted by the manufacturer for one year. The reality is that it will hold up and look great for many years under normal conditions but it is only warranted for one year.

The preceding information provided is based on our knowledge and experience as well as that of industry sources such as 3M and Avery.  Please use the highest degree of care and common sense when maintaining your vehicle graphics.  When in doubt, always feel free to call us or have us look at any areas of concern.  Like you, we want your vehicle graphics to look great for many years.